Rev Fire

Product Features
-Displays speed and spin rate after each toss of a RevFire ball.
-Logs maximum speed and spin each session.
-Automatically counts the number of tosses.
-One monitor can track multiple balls used in the same area without conflict.
-Measures spin rates from 4 to over 50 revolutions per second (RPS) with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 RPS.
-Speed reading in MPH based on the ball's time of flight over the pitching distance set by the user.
-The RevFire is easier to use than a radar gun. No pointing or aiming is required. Coaches should use the monitor within 40 feet of the catcher.
-Pitchers do not tense up from looking into a radar gun.
-Trainers can show breaking ball progress to students' parents that otherwise can not see it.
-For use without a coach, the monitor has a built in support for placement on the ground next to the catcher.
-RevFire baseballs and 12" softballs are official size and weight leather balls. They are not for hitting or game play and are easily identified by their black stitching.
Training Advantages
-Pitchers get instant feedback for more effective training. They latch on more quickly to techniques that produce the best breaking ball, sinker, or riser.
-Coaches can evaluate pitching ability and technique with hard numbers, gain new insight into training methods, identify pitchers whose spin fades as they tire, and see who's breaking ball is 'on' in the bullpen. The RevFire also adds a powerful new dimension to pitching prospect evaluation.
-Trainers can monitor pitchers recovering from injury and gauge progress toward pre-injury baselines.

The sports bag holds up to 3 RevFire softballs and has a protective compartment for the monitor. The RevFire monitor can be used with RevFire baseballs and softballs. The leather 12" optic yellow RevFire balls have the tacky surface feel which many pitchers expect. RevFire balls can not be hit by a bat and are not for game play.

The Softball Package includes the following:
-Sports bag carrying case with monitor compartment
-RevFire monitor with lanyard
-2 RevFire softballs
-2 AA monitor batteries
-Users manual


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Rev Fire
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